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On the rebound

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Per the last post, I lost all four of our hives this winter.

I didn’t winterize as thorough as I ought to have, and the excluder bars were not set properly. Horsemen #1 was helping me today, and he saw a couple of voles scurry out of War when we began work, and there was evidence of boring on some of the frames.

My bad.

My favorite bee supply source, Nature’s Nectar, managed to scrounge together a couple of packages of Carniolans for us out of his first package shipment, so we put those in Famine and War (our original two hives).

We found that while both top deeps were heavy with honey, the bottom two deeps in each hive were pretty much cleaned of honey and pollen.

So, we now have two productive hives with Carniolans. With any luck, Jim over at Nature’s Nectar will have some spares from his second package delivery next week.


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23 April 2013 at 17:50

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Mystery bees in the yard

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The second half of our package bee installation blog is coming later today, but in the meantime:

Does anyone recognize these two? I found them on a dead pine branch in the yard. They have pronouncedly triangular heads and long tapered bodies. I would have thought they were some other sort of insect, but there are gold and black stripes on their thoraxes (hard to see in my iPhone shot)–that made me think they were some sort of Apis.

Anyone have an idea?

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10 May 2011 at 08:52

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