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The (mis)adventures of raising honey bees in Minnesota

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Had an email chat with a local beekeeper (one of the two folks that teaches the “how to raise bees in northern climes” class at the University of Minnesota). We were concerned about this:

Note the halo of honey cells around what appeared to be darkly-colored brood cells.

We were concerned about how dark it had gotten. We weren’t smelling any foulbrood off-scents, but we were still worried.

Anyway, apparently everything is copacetic.

So, we now have a second honey super atop War (and it’s beginning to draw out nicely), and Famine’s third brood box is getting completely drawn out (finally!). We’ll be adding a super to that one as well after I get down to the local bee supply shop on Saturday to pick up two more super boxes.


Written by beesinourbonnet

3 August 2010 at 23:01

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