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The (mis)adventures of raising honey bees in Minnesota

Honey is on the way!

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There’s been great news, and also not-so-great-we-think news.

The great news? We’ve got a honey super atop War!


We put it in on July 9, after finding that the top brood box was damned near packed full of comb and honey.

Famine and War

The not-so-great-we-think news is that Famine, our other hive, has not made significant progress in its third brood box since July 9. The third box is still about 50% drawn. Also, Famine’s bees are not nearly as active as War’s, both in and out of the hive. Famine’s population also seems significant less.

The (other) great news is that I’ve not seen so much as a single varroa mite, both in close-up personal inspection (our girls are pretty placid and put up with it) or in close-up photos we have taken of nurse, caretaker, and forager workers.

Everyone pile out!

So, we’re going to have honey in our first year! In fact, the first honey super on War had some draw-out on 6 of its 10 frames on 21 July, less than two weeks after the super went on. We should get  30-45 more days of good nectar and pollen flow, so we will have honey! Yay!


Written by beesinourbonnet

28 July 2010 at 22:36

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