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Yesterday we added the third brood box to the two-box stacks on Famine and War (the first two hives of our new apiary):

Famine on the left, War on the right

I had inspected the hives the day before, and both boxes in both hives were darn near full only a week after they were both about 70% drawn out.

I placed the new boxes without incident. Well, almost without incident. Hubris must have been in the air that day, because I decided to make the first attempt without benefit of suit, veil, or smoke. That ended…badly.

I took one of the center frames from each of the second brood boxes to “seed” each third box. I took the lids off today just to check everything, and both hives have already drawn out comb on the facing sides of the frames on either side of the frame I’d moved up to the third boxes!

Wow! These girls are really busy. At the rate we’re going (we’re filling a brood box every 30 days), we’re going to have some serious honey flow into supers (at least one, maybe two) before the summer is out.

BTW, I’ve added a page (Beekeeping terms) so that terms we use can be understood.


Written by beesinourbonnet

23 June 2010 at 21:57

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