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Adding wings to the apiary

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We had a very early spring that was quite warm, which gave us a bit of a jump start on the first two hives (Famine and War) of our Four Horsemen Apiary.

As a result, as of June 5 we had positive honey flow. (It’s easy to tell–find a heavily populated frame and see the honey stored in the cells and dripping off the frame.) So it’s time to think about finishing expansions for living space for the queen and her attendants.

Horsemen #4 and #3 building a brood box

We have two brood boxes per hive now, and The Spouse® and I went to buy a third brood box for each hive, a honey super (the smaller boxes used to store just honey, pollen and comb), and a queen excluder (used to keep the queen, and hence any brood, from the frames for the super). You can see the frames leaning up against the car bumper in the picture.

I’m going to paint the boxes the same honey yellow color that the other boxes have. The new brood box (and the frames it holds) will likely go up into the hives next week (man alive, the bees are drawing out comb like crazy). The supers will be added once the third box is 80% full of drawn comb.

So far, it’s been a fine year after a bit of a shaky start.


Written by beesinourbonnet

19 June 2010 at 16:23

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