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Color my world 2, or “what the heck are they doing?”

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I took the two hives apart tonight (separated brood box #1 from #2), and as usual Famine (hive #1) shows its prevarication for perversity.

Famine was the hive that we thought we’d lost the queen during her initial insertion into the hive–she took off like a shot into the open sky. The resultant hijinx is a story for another time, but the bottom line is that the hive is now queen-right.

Brood box #2 was rather stuck onto box #1, so I used the hive tool to gently separate the two. Separation revealed that the bees had build a large horizontal level of comb between the boxes. Lifting box #2 away from #1 tore part of it away, and putting the brood box back didn’t do anything much good, either.

Since it probably won’t be necessary to separate those two boxes again, I’m not overly worried about it, but I’ve never run across this. Has anyone else run across this?


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31 May 2010 at 19:44

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